Our Values


1.   We believe that Torah directs our morality, and thus our politics.

2.   The Torah states that God created all people in God's image. We therefore believe that every person has a right to live a life free from bigotry, and we see it as our responsibility to reject and combat bigotry everywhere.

3.    We believe that no group is inherently superior to another and thus we must break apart partisanship and tribalism.

4.    We believe it is our duty to use our voices, driven by humaneness, to inspire our politics, to protect the innocent, and to give voice to the voiceless.

5.    We believe it is our responsibility not just to resist injustice, but to help craft a vision for a better future.

6.   We believe that rhetoric is insufficient and that we must actualize our beliefs through political and social action. 

7.    We believe in constructive dialogue, and not demonizing those with whom we disagree.

8.    We believe in sharing space with those with whom we disagree in order to fight for the causes we care about.

9.    We believe in the democratic principle of equal protection under law for all inhabitants of the United States.

10.    We believe that it is our job to fight against any ideology or action that hurts a group of people based on their identity.

11.    Because of the history of the Jewish people, we believe it is our duty to fight authoritarianism at all costs.

12.    We believe in the Zionist vision that Israel has the right to exist as a Jewish state where due process and civil rights are protected for all.

13.    We believe in protecting and caring for the planet.